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The Rocket Bunny S13 Build

Welcome to the RB30 sil80 Rocket Bunny drift car build
Please go to the very bottom for the start of the build.

First pictures of the complete car
I am totaly overwhelmed and flatterd at the responce my little project has generated, thanks so much for all the kind words and help I have had with the car.

Body work is not my thing at all, in the past I have fitted a few body kits, this 6666 kit has just been a pleasure to work with, the quality and fit is amazing.

I spent nearly 16 hours yesterday and quite a few today fitting it and messing about with the suspension (ride height, camber etc).

Took it out for a run this afternoon to check for tyres catching etc, the alignment is still all over the place until I can get it done properly next week.

THE CAR IS MAD, me and a mate drove around for about an hour, both of us are in to bikes so know all about serious acceleration, this car is on par with an R1, had very sticky tyres on as I didnt want any incedents on trade plates, it still spun the wheels up in third when it came on boost every time !!!

Tomorrow the kit is coming off to be painted.

I am sorry but I will put some pictures up once the car is done, believe me it will be worth the wait, I have been so engrossed in the mechanical side of things I havent thought much about the cosmetic side of things, but yesterday once the kit was loosely fitted I stood back and thought WOW.

A huge thank you to Stephen at Skay Ltd
Skay handles all tra-kyoto foreign sales

Body kit arrived in the country, paid the shipping vat, duty etc, should be to us for the weekend

A HUGE thank you to for the windows that arrived today, Lexan with grey tint and oem style borders, proper proper quality.

Another sponsor that should have had a mention, Superspark coilpacks, the key to a clean dyno line, zero electrical breakdowns at high boost.

Got the water pump on so the engine is all running sweet now.
I follow this guide for running in and it has always worked well.
Break In Secrets–How To Break In New Motorcycle and Car Engines For More Power

Took the car out today (after numerous oil changes), got a ten mile strip of road that I use for testing (private) its twisty, bumpty and greasy at the best of times.
The car is running a very very safe map (400bhp ish, should do 600 when set up on the dyno).
The allignment is very very roughly done until we get the body kit and can set ride height then allign.

I have driven a lot of mad cars in my time but this thing is brutal to say the least!!
It has so much bottom end it will drift easily but when the turbo kicks in around 3700 rpm (1 bar) it is just nuts (spinning up the wheels in 4th easily).
There are a couple of fairly big jumps on the road, took them at a fairly high rate of knots expecting big bangs on landing but it lands beautifully with no knocks or bangs a testiment to the Driftworks C2 coilovers.
Got a bit carried away on the way back on one of the runs and went past the gamekeepers truck sideways at about 90, so he will be having a laugh at me next time I see him in the pub !
I am so going to enjoy useing this car

Well its been a very long weekend, bit of a daja vue moment but it lives again !!!

Parts arrived from SPOOL yesterday, block at the machine shop getting bored out to take the forged oversize pistons.
Hopefully will have the engine back together next week.
Oil return and sump.

Got the fuel tank cover painted and fitted, all the interior fitted, inc door cards, flocked by Mr Stiggy @ driftshack motorsport, cheers man top job

Engine parts left Spool Imports – Performance Parts Direct From Japan on Tuesday so should have those soon.
Its all coming together (slowly)

Fuel cell cover


Slight teething problems, bottom end starved of oil on the dyno, turns out the block had incorrect oil ways to the head.


Put screen in and an old tailgate to keep the weather out so I can get it down to Western performance at the end of the week for mapping.

Sorted the air filters.

Fitted a single wiper arm and got it to sweep the whole screen

Raised the bonnet at the hinge end to give a little more clearance from the engine and aid cooling.

Should get the shell painted next week then twiddle me thumbs until the body kit gets here

GTR diff, shafts and bearing carriers now fitted.
Couldnt resist trying the new wheels

GTS to GTR rear end conversion going in

New wheels x 8 whoop de doo.
many many thanks to Paul at Japshop Home (Ultralite) for helping again this year, awsome wheels that are really really going look magic on the 6666

:w orthy::wor thy:

Control panel in (just needs fog light warning light), steering wheel on (thank you Driftworks), snap off steering wheel thingy on (thank you EP racing).
Just got cold start issues to sort, fit the diff and gtr rear end in and thats all the mechanicals done.

AT LAST got all the wireing finished and more importantly working !
The only luxurys I have put back in are working origional heaters and electric glass windows, made most of the harness made up from scratch with the pre made fuse board, used parts of the origional harness s13 for wipers, light switching, indicators, heaters and windows, used RB26 engine harness and clocks, been deep in to S13 wireing diagrams, 3 pages on frikin warning dingers !
Got it all taped up and zip tied in place so couldnt resist puting in the flock dash whoop.

First start

Just about got the exhaust made from a combination of new pipe and bits of Skyline exhaust we had in the workshop.

More wireing done, rear lights, fuel guage, fuel pumps, horn, indicators etc etc all done from scratch. Soldered every joint possible. As soon as the engine harness is done we can fire it up

This is the body kit that is on its way

Fuel lines all in and conected, tank > filter > lift pump > swirl pot > main pump > filter > divider block > fuel rail > Fuel regulator > swirl pot > tank, what a mission that was.
Battery box and leads fitted.

intercooler pipes on, rocker covers and oil catch tank on (just need to blank the cross over pipes on the rocker covers)
Swirlpot came today so I can get on and finish the fuel system.
Never been one for bling but I think the engine bay is starting to look allreet like

The bonnet fits !!!, think I am just going to leave it like that, if the car is black no one will notice lol.

Had to cut out a hole on the inside for the pas tank and a tiny bit to clear the rad top hose outlet.

Fitted new Japspeed radiator, had to modify the front panel and viscous fan to get it in but not to much drama, got a few fuel hoses made up and fitted.
Bonnet clearance (or not) will cut the bonnet tomorrow if I get time.

The ARP engine studs came today so nipped the head up and put the engine in, amazingly we have no clearance problems. Well apart from the bonnet will need serious surgery

The RB30 block takes RB25 head studs so if anyone needs a set of RB26 ARP head studs let me know

I thought we would have to take a bit out of the tub on the inlet manifold side but there is loads of room, same on the turbo side, loads of room ? Is the S13 engine bay wider than a 33

Not using this turbo just tried it for size as it will be similar one just a bit smaller GT35 probably.

With the RB30 being a taller block there is a gap in the covers to we are extending the lower cover to fill the gap, do not want any stray bits of gravel etc geting in there.

Starting to get a little excited about this project now

fitted 2 extra rad cooling fans, nicked from a Delica air con rad, made up some neat little brackets to hold them on,
Fitted engine oil cooler with remote filter.
Cut a chunk out of the front panel to mount the power steering resevoir, fitted power steering oil cooler.

Been concentrating on the engine
Valves all ground in (tedious job), valve clearances all done, just waiting for ARP head studs to arrive then the head can go on and we can chuck the engine and box in

We now have a rolling shell hoorah, must get on with the engine now.

Fuel reg and block in place

Got a bit more done, should have a rolling shell with working brakes tomorrow (ignore the brakes they are getting replaced with Brembo’s)
Heater unit in.
Plumbed in the fire stuff, nozzels in engine compartment, above drivers feet and in the fuel area (blue nozzles)
All brake pipes on.
All suspension arms fitted.
emergency pull cables fitted.

Now that the hard slog prepairing the shell is done we can now bolt all the bits on

Fire proofed the bulkhead

Inside painted

Fuel system and battery box


Seat mounts and handbrake mount sorted

Head work, before



One piece propshaft

Engine and gearbox mounts

Bashed out the tunnel for easy gearbox removal, test fit with an old engine and box

Quick mock up of the front end

Subframes powder coated and solid mouted

Two coats of hammerite and stonechip

Roll cage manufactured and fitted, inc sill and floor bars to prtect from side impact

New boot floor and tank space

Seam weld every seam in the car to add strength

Rear seat supports out

Sand blasting to get all the old underseal and crap off

Tubbed arches fitted and welded

Tubb bender (patent pending lol)

And after

Rear arches before

Boot floor gone

Bare shell ready for tubbs

Bare shell ready to be attacked

Keeping the rear subframe

Striped all the un wanted junk out

Sept 2008

Rocket Bunny 6666 s13 sil80 rb30


The 34 is now gone so started full steam ahead on a new car for the 2009 season.
After the 34 I wanted a smaller lighter and more manoverable car, searched for an old school shell i.e. 240Z but could not find a suitable one, either rotten or massive price so with time running out I opted for the ever popular S13 shell.
Want to build a ground up car that will compete at all levels and be road legal so I can have fun fun fun between competitions .

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